What is Coaching?

Scotty King Answers: What’s a Life Coach?

Answer: Do you have someone in your life that knows knows the status of all your projects? Have you ever had someone sit down with you to take the time to understand all your ambitions and goals? Do you have someone who really understands your unique challenges and offers meaningful support? This is what’s it’s like having a life coach. Your coach knows the different threads of your life—which makes achieving your goals that much easier.
Most people have experience with coaching through athletics. Your sports coach would give you feedback so you could better dunk that basketball or or jump over hurdles on the track. Think about this—all professional athletes have a coach. How else would they get the feedback they need to be successful? Your coach will know what your talents are, what your goals are, and will help you achieve those goals. It’s about receiving honest feedback to mount your challenges.
We are all like athletes—it may not be a hurdle on the track we need to jump over, but a hurdle in our career, or a hurdle in our love life. Is it too high, or too challenging? Do you give up? No! You hire a coach, just like an athlete does. The athlete has a coach who watches her every move to see what her body is doing as she jumps. This is what a life coach does. Your life coach helps you identify the hurdles, and then works with you developing the best strategy for going over them.

Question: How does an individual benefit from life coaching?

Answer: Just like the professional athlete, any person wanting to achieve a certain outcome benefits from having a coach. Individuals are finding the benefits of coaching with everything from solving writers-block, to finding a life partner and managing their health.

Question: What is the difference between ‘Life Coach,’ ‘Professional Coach’ and ‘Transformational Coach?’

Answer: What sets coaches apart is their training and experience. Life coach is the biggest umbrella term and covers all non-sports coaching. Professional coach usually refers to coaching for business professionals, but these overlap with Personal and Performance Coaching as well.

It is important to find a coach where you feel a connection. Most coaches, including me, offer a free 30 minute succession so prospective clients can ‘try out’ their coaching. If you don’t feel a connection, then move on. But if you feel this person ‘gets’ you and your challenge and the goals you want, hire them!

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