After running a successful magazine business for 17 years, Scotty King just became a Certified Transformational Life Coach. He is passionate about helping others find their “Ah- ha!” moment, and supporting human excellence.

In high school King was an avid photographer, working for the yearbook and running the darkroom.  He also had staring roles in school plays and musicals.  At age 19, King was an entrepreneur with a flare for opening new restaurants and designing menus. After a year long stint working on a Hawaiian cruise ship, King paid for college by tossing Caesar salads and flaming shish kabobs table-side, working in some of the best restaurants in Berkeley and San Francisco.  He trained with celebrity chefs Alice Waters, Mark Miller, and Stars restaurant fame, Jeremiah Tower.   We were educated in wine, and the drinking of wine with food.  Because of my confidence and belief that wine consumption is healthy for most diners, I often turned in the highest wine sales.ervicing San Francisco Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer.

[Later King attracted the attention of Herb Cain, who wrote about King starting his own business in his column in the San Francisco Chronicle...]

In 1987 Scott King graduated with a degree in Mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley and worked as an Actuary in the San Francisco financial district.  In 1990 he opened “Sugar Happy,” — a store and mail order shop for diabetes medical supplies and sugar-free foods.  King sold meters and trained thousands of folks how to test their own blood sugar with the new smaller testing machines.  King was also an Insulin Pump sales representative for a major pharmaceutical company (Medtronic), going into hospitals to teach doctors, nurses and patients how to use an insulin pump.

King then started the popular San Francisco talk-radio show, “Diabetes on the Dial,” and hosted the weekly live call-in shows.  This show featured doctors and other diabetes experts discussing the latest advances in diabetes care.  The show’s ground breaking information was then transcribed and printed as “Diabetes Interview” newsmagazine.  Readers from around the globe and the US subscribed to get the latest innovative information coming out of King’s show about advances in diabetes and its treatment.

Later the magazine’s name was changed to “Diabetes Health,” and it’s circulation increased to 150,000 paid hard-copy subscribers.     King worked as publisher and editor-in-chief for 17 years.   His magazine was a finalist in the 2004 Maggie publishing awards.

King has been quoted by “The Wall Street Journal,” “Parade Magazine,” and “U.S. News & World Report.”  After Ann Landers told readers that diabetics were rude to test and take their insulin in public, she had to reverse herself after getting a letter from King.  Landers published the entire letter by King, in which he educated and called for respect for diabetics to Lander’s millions of readers.  An engaging speaker, King has addressed healthcare audiences, Kaiser Permanente Hospital staff and patient advocacy groups.  King also became skilled in writing, layout, printing, advertising sales, marketing, press releases and website development.

King has amassed a large on-line video library from his own internet TV show.  Noted guests King interviewed include: author Dr. Stephen Covey; American Idol winner Elliott Yamin; Miss America pageant winner 1999, Nicole Johnson; Actress and Author Gloria Loring; Actor and Comedian Jim Turner; Mr. Universe winner Doug Burns; Surf Champion Scott Dunton; and Denise Faustman M.D. PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School.  These interviews can be found below.

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