7 Ways to be Miserable

July 20, 2011 Posted by admin

I ran across this gem of a list in the book “Pools of Lodging for the Moon,” by David Reynolds PhD. When ever I am feeling down, I review this list and sure enough, I have been doing one of these 7. Doing any one of these will cause me to be miserable. I have found that it’s possible to stop doing these, and have been much happier because of it! — Scotty King

1-Unnecessary Comparison
2-Fighting Realty
3-Self Focus
4-Purposeless Living
5-Unhealthy Lifestyle
7-Lack of Gratitude and Appreciation for Being Lived

1-Unnecessary Comparison (If I spend time thinking how things ‘ought’ to be, I can make myself pretty miserable. It’s a strategy people use to keep themselves feeling terrible. Most of our difficulties come from not having it be the way it is, not recognizing the way it is. This is not about avoiding changes, we need to make changes, but there needs to come a sound recognition of the way things are, and an acceptance, even though we may want to change it.)

2-Fighting Realty (Reality presents itself to us the way it is. I may not like my height, but if I spend time wishing I was taller, I can keep myself pretty miserable. This also includes procrastination — reality presents deadlines, like paying bills, that we can’t avoid. Fighting realty is procrastination. Procrastination is really fighting realty.)

3-Self Focus (We miss this very varied and interesting reality, when we focus on ourselves.)

4-Purposeless Living (Purpose gives us something to focus on, pulls our attention together so we’re not fragmented by our fear. Following your bliss may sometimes be bliss, sometimes misery — that’s normal.)

5-Unhealthy Lifestyle (Are you eating right/regularly? Are you getting enough exercise? Are you sleeping well? If not, you can’t expect your mind to be focused and together. Sloppy or unhealthy life style leads to sloppy thinking, unhealthy mind. Mind and body are one. Your body I can see, but your mind only gives me indications of its existence through your behavior. That’s all we can know, I can’t see your mind. Your mind is guided through healthy physical life habits.)

6-Negativism (can’t, don’t want to, don’t like it the way it is, shouldn’t be this way, won’t work. If you sit with shoulders slumped and say over and over “It’s hopeless, no one cares about me.” You will start to feel helpless and hopeless. This is why it can be damaging to watch the news everyday.)

7-Lack of Gratitude and Appreciation for Being Lived (To Be Lived. See the whole of reality.)

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  1. scotty

    i love this , wow!

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